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    Manual group materials, through manual means along the lines of selection, brushing, eradicate,, etc., one item of high-quality tobacco leaves inside your home and abroad, along the lines of land requisition, is rolled in any closed, pure leaf a silk duvet. Create a components to pursue typically the aroma quality from tobacco leaves, choose natural extracts aside from flavors, and use specific natural aging not to mention low-temperature processing begin enlarging reduce artificial carvings, to make certain that natural extracts not to mention tobacco leaf nose are integrated, and then the natural characteristics from high-quality tobacco are actually maintained. Changyan’s original formula shows original fragrance of smoking. The fragrance might be mellow, the traditional components is perfectly coordinated with modern technology, typically the fragrance is graceful and round, typically the smoke is vulnerable and plump, typically the taste is total and coordinated, typically the aftertaste is contemporary and long, cool and refreshing, typically the aftertaste is strong and sweet Parliament Cigarettes, making your domestic high-end marlboro fragrance line. High-quality tobacco leaves inside your home and abroad are actually added with specified biological additives with the help of independent intellectual building rights, natural beverages flavors, and plenty of modern processing technologies are recommended to make typically the tobacco fragrance further delicate and cool, and the aftertaste might be more pure not to mention comfortable, while limiting tar, it still drives richness The bouquet volume and graceful aroma quality get the harmony and unity of this natural and total flavor of tobacco and then the finely carved not to mention refined artificial personal taste of tobacco, of which fully reflects typically the elegant enjoyment from high-end cigarette services. In the flavor and adding fabrics, natural herbal extracts are recommended to extract typically the spices, and the initial binary adding products is adopted giving full play in the modification effect of this flavors and salt. In product handling, flexible processing technology used to retain original tobacco flavor. In your design of additional materials, green materials are selected to ensure the safety index of this product.

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